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Easy Ways to Stimulate Babies Parents Need to Learn

Providing proper infant stimulation early on will have a big impact on his life later on. Maybe people think that babies, especially newborns, have not been able to understand or respond to things around them. But in fact, infant stimulation from an early age is very important so that the baby can develop cognitively. According to a child health expert, early in life the baby has also used the five senses to find sources of food and comfort, receive information, also react to the surrounding environment. The sense of sight does take several months to function perfectly, but other senses such as hearing and touch have fully developed from birth. Play is the best stimulation method for babies, when babies learn to socialize, move, communicate, and try to understand the world around them. Below are some ideas or ways of stimulating babies that can be tried. Vision When newborn, baby's vision is still blurred and can only see something that is 20-30 cm apart, see the size of obj

What You Need to Know When Pregnant Women Excess Amniotic Water

During pregnancy, it is very important for pregnant women to pay attention to their health, including paying attention to the condition of amniotic fluid. In addition, excess amniotic water can also carry risks for pregnant women and fetuses in the womb. Amniotic fluid is owned by every pregnant woman, is a rather yellowish clear liquid that surrounds the fetus while in the womb. In certain conditions, the amount of amniotic water in the womb can change, amniotic water can be less, can also be excessive. Benefits of Amniotic Water Amniotic water is very important to protect the fetus, and will continue to move around the fetus as the fetus swallows and inhales it, then released again. Other benefits of fetal water for the fetus include: Help the movement of the fetus in the womb. Supports proper bone growth. Helps so that the fetal lungs can develop properly. Maintain the temperature conditions around the fetus and keep it warm and comfortable during the womb. Protect the fe

Getting to Know Oligohidramnios One of the Causes of Premature Labor

Oligohidramnios or oligohydramnios is a condition when amniotic fluid is at too low a level, and can cause disruption during labor until the death of the baby. Amniotic fluid plays an important role in protecting the baby from shocks and infections, helps maintain temperature in the uterus, prevents pressure on the umbilical cord that interferes with oxygen supply to the baby, helps the respiratory system and digestion of the fetus, and allows the baby to move for the development of bones and muscles. Oligohidramnios or lack of amniotic fluid in the body can inhibit the various functions above, causing fetal defects, pressure on the umbilical cord, can even cause death. In addition, very low amniotic fluid risks causing uterine contractions or infant movements that can compress the umbilical cord. The amniotic sac is formed 12 days after fertilization occurs with the amniotic fluid that supports the baby's life in the womb. In the second trimester, babies begin to breathe and

Apparently This Is the Cause of Irregular Menstruation

Menstruation is not smooth or irregular menstruation, is a condition when the menstrual cycle becomes slower, faster, past several months, or even does not occur at all. Menstruation is the process of uterine lining that is accompanied by bleeding, usually occurring for 3-7 days. Naturally, menstrual cycles occur every 28-36 days and take place 11-13 times a year. Each woman experiences a different menstrual cycle, can be shorter or longer. Menstrual Type Not Current Menstruation is said to be not smooth or irregular if the cycle occurs less than 21 days or more than 35 days. Besides menstruation is not classified smoothly if the duration of menstruation changes every month. Unequal blood volume, sometimes a lot and sometimes a little, is also one form of non-current menstruation. Non-current menstruation usually occurs in the first few years after entering. However, if menstruation does not occur smoothly in the first few years you experience menstruation, then it can be said a

Shhh, Don't Say This To A New Mother

After going through a nine-month pregnancy struggle and risking lives to give birth, it would be nice if you get a supporting sentence. But, some people sometimes say the opposite. Although it usually seems unintentional, it can disrupt the emotional condition and hormonal balance of the mother. Instead of getting more stressful, let's first consider a few of these things before meeting a woman who has just given birth. Sentences that You Should Avoid When dealing with mothers who have just given birth, you should be careful to give comments. Many say a variety of things, both praise and questions just curious. The thing to remember is that mothers who have just given birth tend to be very sensitive, because their minds are already burdened by many things. You should pay attention to things that should not be said to mothers who have just given birth, such as: How come it still looks pregnant? These words can offend sensitive newborn mothers. Of course it takes a long