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Apparently This Is the Cause of Irregular Menstruation

Menstruation is not smooth or irregular menstruation, is a condition when the menstrual cycle becomes slower, faster, past several months, or even does not occur at all. Menstruation is the process of uterine lining that is accompanied by bleeding, usually occurring for 3-7 days. Naturally, menstrual cycles occur every 28-36 days and take place 11-13 times a year. Each woman experiences a different menstrual cycle, can be shorter or longer.

Menstrual Type Not Current

Menstruation is said to be not smooth or irregular if the cycle occurs less than 21 days or more than 35 days. Besides menstruation is not classified smoothly if the duration of menstruation changes every month. Unequal blood volume, sometimes a lot and sometimes a little, is also one form of non-current menstruation. Non-current menstruation usually occurs in the first few years after entering. However, if menstruation does not occur smoothly in the first few years you experience menstruation, then it can be said as irregular menstruation, which can be classified into the following types.
  • Polymenorrhe, is a menstrual cycle that lasts less than 21 days.
  • Oligomenorrhea, is a condition when the menstrual cycle becomes longer, or menstruation does not occur more than 35 days, but less than 90 days.
  • Amenorrhea, is a condition when not menstruating for 3 consecutive months.
  • Metrorrhagia, a menstrual bleeding that lasts longer and more blood volume.

What Causes Menstruation Not Current?

The following are some things that can be the cause of non-smooth or irregular periods, including:


    Towards menopause, menstruation can be not smooth. This is because the hormones estrogen and progesterone in the body become irregular.


    If your periods are stopped or late, try to check to see if you are pregnant. The doctor will usually recommend a pregnancy test and ultrasound.


    Using contraceptives, such as an IUD (spiral) or birth control pill, can indeed cause changes in the form of spots between the menstrual cycle. An IUD can cause more blood than usual or abdominal pain during menstruation. A small amount of blood may also occur at the beginning of the use of birth control pills, but this will stop after a few months of use.

    Daily lifestyle

    If you do excessive exercise or your body weight drops dramatically, it can cause menstruation is not smooth or irregular. Similarly, excess body weight or obesity. Not only changes in body weight, stress, lack of sleep (for example due to pineal gland disorders) can also affect your menstrual cycle.

    Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

    (PCOS) is a collection of symptoms caused by the formation of small cysts in the ovaries. The existence of these cysts makes hormones become unbalanced. Testosterone can increase beyond normal limits, which should be in women there is only a small amount of the hormone testosterone. Abnormalities also occur in the process of releasing eggs. This causes women with PCOS not to menstruate, or to experience menstruation but only a small amount of blood comes out.

    Thyroid problems

    In your neck there is a thyroid gland that produces hormones that can regulate the body's metabolism. If you have a problem with your thyroid, your periods will also be affected. Consult this with an endocrine specialist. The doctor will do a blood test to see how the levels of thyroid hormone in your blood.

How to Cope with Irregular Menstruation

Medications to treat non-current menstruation need to be adjusted according to the cause. The following are some ways that you can do to cope with irregular or irregular periods.
  • Change lifestyle.
  • Replacing contraception.
  • Perform thyroid treatment.
  • Perform polycystic ovary syndrome treatment, for example to control hormone levels or diabetes. In addition, lose weight in a healthy way, if you suffer from polycystic ovary syndrome with excess weight.
  • Do counseling if you experience stress that causes weight to drop dramatically.
  • If you plan to have a baby, consult a doctor to get a medical examination and treatment. Maybe your doctor will suggest hormonal therapy to trigger ovulation back to normal.
If you experience unusual bleeding during menstruation and need to replace pads every hour, your menstruation occurs for more than 7 days, or if you experience spots after intercourse, immediately contact your doctor to get further examination.


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