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Shhh, Don't Say This To A New Mother

After going through a nine-month pregnancy struggle and risking lives to give birth, it would be nice if you get a supporting sentence. But, some people sometimes say the opposite. Although it usually seems unintentional, it can disrupt the emotional condition and hormonal balance of the mother. Instead of getting more stressful, let's first consider a few of these things before meeting a woman who has just given birth.

Sentences that You Should Avoid

When dealing with mothers who have just given birth, you should be careful to give comments. Many say a variety of things, both praise and questions just curious. The thing to remember is that mothers who have just given birth tend to be very sensitive, because their minds are already burdened by many things. You should pay attention to things that should not be said to mothers who have just given birth, such as:
  • How come it still looks pregnant?

  • These words can offend sensitive newborn mothers. Of course it takes a long time to restore his body to an ideal size, after 9 months of pregnancy. So it is better not to say physical-related things like this.
  • Are you planning to breastfeed or not?

  • Every mother who gives birth to a child, must have a great desire to breastfeed a baby. In fact, questions like this even impress as if the new mother has the intention not to breastfeed. Remember, breastfeeding or not has become the right and choice. It is best not to add pressure and guilt to this question. Just replace the question with words of encouragement. For example, "Take care of your body condition, so that the milk is smooth."
  • How come it's still fat, or how come it's so skinny fast?

  • Losing weight after delivery is not easy. Not infrequently there are people who give comments that the stomach still looks big. Similarly, new mothers who lose weight quickly, often inviting curiosity. The fact is, every woman after giving birth has a different experience. There are also women who lose their appetite, stress and fatigue so that they lose weight more easily.
  • Why does it look so down?

  • Going through pregnancy for 9 months is certainly not an easy thing for many people to do. During that time, certainly his days were filled with super tiring activities because he had to carry the baby in his stomach. Then after giving birth, the mother must face pain after childbirth because it is still in the post-natal recovery period, plus taking care of the baby. No wonder most new mothers look rather tired and not in a fit condition like usual.
  • Don't sleep, you're so lazy, exercise!

  • Mothers who have just given birth are faced with a weak condition. She must also be busy with her newborn baby such as breastfeeding, changing diapers or calming the baby while fussing. In these circumstances how could he ever think of the intention to go to the gym to exercise. Being able to find a short break just feels very grateful. Try to understand the feelings of the new mother in this adjustment period, and help her to find ways or opportunities to do other things that are needed to maintain her health.

Provide Support Through the Sentences

In general, new mothers tend to be isolated, making it difficult to leave the house after giving birth. Then many new challenges will be faced. Of course the support from the immediate environment such as family or friends is very meaningful to make a new page in his life can be more easily lived. Instead of busy questioning something that actually disturbs the mind of a new mother, say some of the following words that will greatly help the new mother in evoking the mood:
  • Great you finally able to do it!

  • Praise for a mother who has just given birth will certainly mean a lot to her. The process of giving birth is a very great thing. Let the mother hear that from the people around her.
  • So happy your baby was born perfectly

  • If the whole baby is born healthy, it would be very good if you give praise. For example, "Thank God, it's great that your baby was born healthy and perfect". This will make him feel more relieved and calm, and help him to always be grateful for the presence of the baby.
  • You look beautiful!

  • It may be that after giving birth both the body shape and face of a woman look more different than before. This can occur due to body changes during pregnancy, as well as a variety of physical challenges during pregnancy such as insomnia and fatigue. Praise like "You look more fresh, or beautiful", will help arouse the mood of new mothers. Of course this will also make him more excited in living his days as a mother.
Being a mother is not an easy thing, and it is a noble task. For that reason, it should be if we behave well and do not add to the burden with words that can offend. If it's hard to say a sentence of praise, you can just congratulate the baby's birth. So, you already know the sentences that should be avoided to say to the mother who has just given birth? Don't say the wrong thing again.


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